Deep, timeless hits. Stax-style Southern soul. Uplifting Motown-channeling anthems. 

Atlanta’s Brother Brown and the Soul reunion are the heirs to the thrones of the old-school masters. But they’re much more than just a group of revivalists trying to create a period piece. Powerhouse singers they will settle for nothing less than bringing these classic sounds glimmering into the now with a fresh new modern sheen. 

The soul reunion has made a name for themselves captivating audiences with their stirring live performances. They’re a world-class modern soul revue topped off with the cherry of sultry voices, toggling  between sweetly crooned R&B tunes and expertly belted barn-burning get-downs that can instantly jolt a roomful of wallflowers into a wild dance party.

Brother Brown & the Soul Reunion 
Kimberly Eslinger - Vocals

Emily Poolos - Vocals 
Jeff Brown - Guitar 
Jon Gallagher - Bass 
Mike Dooley - Drums 
Jesse Baker - Trumpet

Earl Williams - Saxaphone